Firo Fire Kissed Pizza in Lawton, Fort Sill has made history. Sweet, wonderful, crispy, tasty, crunchy, delicious history! The Firo in Lawton is the very first restaurant in the world to offer Roman Style Pizza in their drive thru. We broke the news a few days ago that this was on the way, and now it's officially here. I went through the drive thru yesterday and ordered a Roman Style Pizza. It was really quick and the pizza was amazing!

Roman Style Pizza has a much lighter and fluffier crust that's beyond epic, just try it and believe me you'll agree. It's really in a league all it's own, you can't compare it to other pizzas. It's served Al Taglio, which is Italian for "By the cut or Slice." When you order a Roman Style Pizza at Firo you get a whole square pizza that's been cut into 4 slices or pieces by a pair of specialty scissors, just like how it's done in Rome. The scissors help protect all the toppings and crust so it doesn't get all smashed and crushed so each piece is absolutely perfect. It's incredible pizza and you get it fresh, hot and really fast.

You can order any of the Firo pizzas as Roman Style including: the Italiano, Carne, Romana, Primo and the Chicken Alfredo as Roman Style. Of course you can go full blown custom and create your own as well. One of the exclusive Roman Style only pizzas they offer is the all new Hot Honey Brisket. This is my favorite, it's got cheese, onions, tender slices of brisket and is served with a hot honey dipping sauce that's not to spicy or hot, it's just right. It may sound a little weird but it's spectacular. It's my new favorite pizza that's for sure!

Congrats to Firo for being the world's first drive thru in the world to severe Roman Style Pizza. I'm sure once the word gets out others will follow. However, we can say it all started right here in Lawton, Fort Sill at our Firo Fire Kissed PIzza! Now be a part of history yourself and hit the drive thru for some Roman Style Pizza!

Firo Fire Kissed Pizza Lawton, OK.

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