Who doesn't love a good flea market? Honestly, I like older stuff because nobody manufactures like they did back then, and the flea market is usually where you find the best prices on that good "buy it for life" type older stuff. Just like everything else in normal life, the covid pandemic pretty much ended all of the flea markets across the state. My deal-searching buddy and I both thought it would be the final nail in the coffin for them, but to our surprise, most of these markets are now open again and looking to thrive outside the endless world of vintage shops and boutiques.

That all being said, gone are the days of the massive indoor markets. I think the fresh produce and health craze over the last twenty years has pushed most of these out to become "Farmers Markets," but the few junk store types that still survive are bigger now than ever. There even used to be a big one here in Lawton off in the industrial zone East of Downtown, but knowing now what we didn't know then, the city probably ran them off. At least, it wouldn't surprise me. Come to think of it, maybe with a little pressure, the city council could OK using some of that extremely overpriced and now-wasted city owned space at Sears or Dillards being used as an indoor city flea market. If you want to travel a bit and see some of the others close to us, here are a few within a reasonable distance.

Dog Trade Flea Market - Sulphur
Here's a good huge outdoor market to hit up in what could be the prettiest part of Oklahoma. Seriously, if you've never driven through our national park just across the street from Sulphur, you are seriously missing out. The campground is like driving through something in a movie. Plus, you can score deals on all sorts of stuff at this market. Open every Sunday 6a-noon.

Old Paris Flea Market - OKC
This and another on this list are the two flea markets I used to head to just about every weekend when I lived in the metro. It's outdoors, the collections of stuff being sold is usually really unique, there's lots of old good stuff that the pickers haven't usually gotten to if you're walking in late, and I don't think I ever made it out of there without at least one thing I couldn't live without. Google it.

Mary's Swap Meet - OKC
Tucked literally on the corner between two metro towns is this little outdoor swap meet. When I was living in Bricktown, this was my go-to place every weekend. It's literally a field on a busy corner full of people of great stuff. I think I stocked my kitchen full of vintage pyrex, cast iron, and various cooking stuff for pennies on the dollar. Honestly, I have maybe a hundred dollars in my kitchen stocked with all USA made vintage wares. There's also man cave and motorcycle stuff here too. That epic paint faded old Honda tank on my bookshelf, bought it here for $4. Google it and go. It's amazing.


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