So you have a trip planned. Week, or longer. You have gone over the fine details for months. Finally the big day arrives and what can go wrong? Nothing right? Wrong. Just ask my wife and I. Our two kids have been ready for camp since January 1st. It is one of the most exciting times of the year for both of them, Molly more so than her brother.

Through out the majority of last week, we went over the check list time and time again. Making several trips to get the essential items that would make their life at camp easier.

Now the day finally arrives and the kids start packing the car. They are bouncing around and excited and gleefully announce that we are all loaded! Lets go! So off we go for an hour ride to camp.

Now comes the woe is me part. Up on arrival, the happiness soon turn to sheer terror. Molly had the look of "oh no" all across her face. When I saw her climbing in and out of the car and all around she got very upset. What is wrong? "I forgot my suitcase."

Can you go back and get it? What? That was the last thing on my mind. 3 more hours in the car for a forgotten suitcase. Not really the kind of plans I had for a Sunday evening.

Now before you think I am a bad dad, we did ensure that her suitcase made it to camp. There were some kids going today and it was going with them. Lesson learned? Maybe. Did she survive for one day with out every thing she needed? Probably.

I can guarantee that she will ensure her suitcase is first in the car for the next trip.