Fort Sill is planning a prescribed or controlled burn for tomorrow morning (01-05-21) starting around 9:00am CST. So if you're out and about tomorrow and see smoke rising from Fort Sill know that it's under control and is being done deliberately to help prevent the possibility of future wildfires. 

The area that will be under a prescribed burn is located on the West range of Kerr Hill and along Tower Two Road, West of the cantonment area on Fort Sill. The weather is supposed to be perfect tomorrow around 60 degrees and the winds are looking like they'll be cooperative as well. It'll be the perfect day to do this according to the experts. Roughly 152 acres is scheduled for the controlled burn tomorrow.

By doing this there's a reduced risk of future wildfires caused both naturally and from range activity on Fort Sill. As focused as the prescribed burn will be it shouldn't affect or suspend any training areas, hunting or other activities. Hopefully the winds will be in our favor and we won't get a ton of smoke and ash in the air that could cause problems and irritation with people's allergies and sinuses. *Fingers crossed*

Below is the official press release from Fort Sill that outlines all the details for tomorrow's (01-05-21) prescribed or controlled burn. If you have any questions or are in need of additional information the contact numbers for the Fires Center of Excellence Public Affairs Office are listed at the bottom of the press release.

Press Release PB 1-4-20-page-001

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