Calving season is about half way over at The Mace Place. I love calving season. I can't decide if I like the spring calving season or the fall calving season. 

The Mace Place

In the spring they can calve when it's freezing cold, snowing and the wind is blowing a hundred miles an hour. It seems like the only time a cow has trouble calving is when the weather is the worst.

In the fall they calve when it's 115 degrees and the sun is beating down. The calves get stressed in the heat and you have to keep a really close eye on them.

During calving season, not matter what time of year, the routine is the same. David gets up early and heads out to the pasture to check cattle before leaving for work. When he gets home from work he heads out to the pasture to check cattle again.

Last night was no different. As I was driving down our road I noticed a cow off by herself. A sign that she is about to calve; is calving; or has already calved.  When David got home I told him about her. He got on the 4 wheeler and headed out to the pasture to check on her. About 5 minutes later I hear the 4 wheeler speeding up to the house. I go into my emergency farm hand mode; I threw on my mud boots, grabbed my old barn coat and the chains, and headed out the door at a run. The cow is obviously having trouble calving and we are going to have to help her. I stopped just outside the door to see David standing at the back of his pickup loading sweet feed onto the back of the 4 wheeler. He stares at me, I at him, and then he notices the chains in my hand. He laughs and says "She's have a new baby." I turn around to walk back into the house and tell him not to come rushing up to the house like that again. I hate having to get the chains.