Money. We all live by the almighty dollar. But not spending wisely can cost you. Just ask our U.S. Government. 

A federal government shutdown looms on the horizon, just days away unless congress can come to an agreement. There are plenty of things that will happen - and unfortunately not happen - if this shutdown happens at the stroke of midnight October 1st.  Here is a breakdown of what you can expect.

                                                     What will be shut down?

Most federal government offices. Many of the federally funded programs, all national museums and national parks would be at a standstill. The travel industry will be hit hard as well. Since you can't get a passport or visa services in a shutdown, many plans for vacations abroad would be cancelled.

                                                       What will be open?

There are many things we can't do without in our every day lives. National security would still be up and running as would the border patrol. USDA would still be checking the safety and quality of the food we eat, air traffic controllers will still be directing the airplanes. Disaster assistance would still be in place - just in case something catastrophic happens in a shutdown.

Oh, and by the way, our friends at the IRS will still be working to collect our taxes - you can bet on that. Bonds and other issues related to our countries banking system would still be working to preserve the federal reserve. If you are working during the shutdown, yeah you will get paid, but not until the shutdown is over. That will not set easy with many federal employees.

Mail will still get delivered. They're already in the hole money wise so no big deal there. The justice system will scale back on their 'essential work' which mainly would be on resolution of cases only. And if you are called for federal jury duty in this time frame of shutdown, you will not get paid.

Social Security benefits are in place and not affected by the shutdown, but unfortunately, the workers who process them will be, so expect delays.

There are many other services and issues that will be thrown into play if this shutdown occurs this weekend. Prepare for the worse as always and be pleasantly surprised if it does not happen.

How will the government shutdown affect you and your daily activities?


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