Governor Kevin Stitt just held a press conference to update Oklahoman's on the COVID-19 pandemic and outlined some new regulations that will be put in place this week throughout the state. At this time Oklahoma is seeing a spike in positive cases and hospitalizations. We saw a 19% increase from last week to this week and the numbers continue to climb. To help combat the spread of the virus Governor Stitt announced several measures or mandates that restaurants and bars will be required to follow. Start the video at (13:00) to watch the press conference.

Starting this Thursday (11-19-20) all restaurants must have all dine in tables at least six feet apart, or use a sanitized divider of some kind to separate tables that are closer than six feet. This is to assist with social distancing. Also starting this Thursday (11-19-20) all restaurants and bars will be required to close at 11:00pm for all in person and/or dine in service. Curbside and drive-thru service can be provided after 11:00pm but dinning rooms and bars must be closed.

Starting tomorrow (11-17-20) all state employees must wear a face mask or covering in all State buildings and common areas where contact with others is possible. Masks will also be required for anyone visiting or conducting business in State buildings or on state properties. Governor Stitt stressed again the need for all Oklahoma's to wear masks, follow social distancing protocols and wash hands frequently.

These steps or requirements won't last forever according to the Governor, but are necessary to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and get our numbers back down. This will hopefully keep us from having another shutdown and keep things open.

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