Without a doubt Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt is the absolute coolest Gov. in the entire country! I'm just going to say it "Damn I'm proud of Oklahoma and our Governor!" Yesterday (05-12-21) Gov. Stitt hosted a quick cookout in OKC with local and area farmers, ranchers and grill loving Oklahomans. It was kind of a pop up cookout in that it took place on the side of the road on Southeast 15th Street in OKC near the PETA billboard. The sign was placed there in protest of Gov. Stitt and his "Meat Week" that took place back in March. The sign reads: "Oklahoma, home of Meathead Gov. Kevin Stitt!" 

Well, the Gov. decided it would be an EPIC IDEAL to have a cookout under the sign as a message to PETA that he, and the state, stand beside and support our farmers, ranchers and agriculture industry. It also served as a BIG MIDDLE FINGER to PETA, which is perhaps the best and funniest part about all this. I love Gov. Stitt and his attitude! I only wish i could have been there to have a burger and try out one of those kabobs the Gov. was grilling. He seems like a cool guy to hang out with, he definitely has a sense of humor and doesn't mind showing it! I think I'll give a personal invite to the Gov. for my next backyard get down.

In an interview about the cookout the Governor stated: "It's all in good fun. Oklahomans know that we're going to stand by our agriculture industry and our personal freedoms – and the freedom to go vegan if you want and the freedom to eat hamburgers if you want." He's 100% right and it's fantastic that he stood up and said it! Now, I know some people may find this whole thing disgusting and rude. Which only makes it funnier!

Why is it when someone or some group says something or negatively attacks another they have every right to do so and are just exercising their 1st Amendment Rights. But when someone or some group replies back with a different opinion or better yet, a BIG MIDDLE FINGER all of a sudden it's not right and the "How dare they and they shouldn't be saying that" statements start flying! Gov. if you're reading this anytime you want to hang out and cookout it's good with me, you have a standing invitation to the house!

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