If you've tried to get your Oklahoma driver's license renewed or update your license to a new Real ID you know firsthand just how painful the process is. If you're a new driver trying to get your license or get your permit it's next to impossible! People are having to waste entire days, sometimes weeks dealing with this.

So why is this happening and what can be done about it? According to state lawmakers and government agencies, a perfect storm over the past couple of years has created the mess we're in now. It came about thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the introduction of the new Real ID, along with state budget cuts.

Oklahoma legislators are working on a solution to the state's licensing problems

It depends on where you live as to just how bad the situation is when it comes to conducting any business with the DPS (Oklahoma Department of Public Safety) and state tag agencies. In some places, you can get in and out, in other places, there are long waits or appointments that have to be scheduled wasting time.

State lawmakers have made some changes that will hopefully improve the problem. They've consolidated the state's tag and licensing departments into a single entity. The DPS and Oklahoma Tax Commission divisions that deal with licenses and vehicle registration are combined. The new agency is called Service Oklahoma. I guess it's kind of working. A while back KFOR Oklahoma News 4 did a report on the licensing changes.

Hit play on the video below to learn about the changes state lawmakers are making

When my daughter got her license we had to line up outside the DPS office at 3:00-am to get in line and yes there was already a line at 3:00-am. We finally managed to get inside and we ended up rescheduling her driving test for another time. So we made that appointment 2 weeks later and she took the driving test.

Then came the wait to get her actual driver's license as we repeatedly went to the tag agency trying to get her squared away. We eventually managed to accomplish our mission but it took months to do. She ended up getting a standard license instead of the Real ID due to the backlog of people trying to update their licenses.

A great suggestion on how to solve the Oklahoma driver's license issue is below

That means we get to go back and start the whole process over again to get her Real ID. My renewal came up so I elected to just get the standard ID and will worry about updating it when things hopefully improve and start running more smoothly. Most, if not all Oklahomans have experienced these same problems over the past couple of years when trying to get their driver's license, renewal, Real ID, or permits. It's absolutely crazy!

What can be done to improve this and solve the issues and red tape? I have a solution or suggestion. Let's turn this whole damn thing over to Chick-fil-A! They could easily get this turned around in a few short days. We'd have the most efficiently run state licensing process in the nation! At a minimum state lawmakers should consider consulting Chick-fil-A to get some friendly tips on how we can improve the current system.

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