Good news! If like myself you've been sweating getting the new REAL ID and have had little to no luck in obtaining one, they've extended the deadline again, thank God! It's been incredibly difficult to get the new REAL I.D. and gather up all the required paperwork and proof they need to issue it. Not to mention that it takes FOREVER to make an appointment to have your documents and proof of identity materials approved and a REAL I.D. issued. To make matters worse, Oklahoma is really, really far behind in the REAL ID department. The state drug it's feet and waited until the absolute last possible minute to start working on getting people their REAL I.D's. Then add in the COVID-19 pandemic and it's a total train wreck!

DHS (Department of Homeland Security) announced Monday that they would be  extending the deadline for the enforcement of REAL I.D's until (05-03-23) yes that's right May 3rd of 2023. This will allow the states and people more time to get this done and prepare all their documents, paperwork and other required forms of identification to be issued a REAL ID. Right now in Oklahoma there's a long wait just to get seen and start the process. If you've had to re-new your license recently. Or worse than that, you have a new driver in the family and you're trying to get a permit you know all too well just how screwed up this whole thing is.

The lines are long and the wait is even longer. We've had to get up at 4:30am to be in line at the DPS (Department of Public Safety) just take a permit test because the appointment site was down and or over booked. It's a real nightmare and if you can avoid it, do! One things for sure we definitely need more time to get this done and who knows maybe, just maybe by 2023 I might be at the front of the line and get my REAL ID. Who am I kidding? I'll get to the front of the line and like last time they'll inform me that I failed to provide something they need and will have to come back at a latter date.

Right now there's an estimated two plus month wait for people trying to get their REAL ID's and regular driver's licenses. That doesn't even count all the new drivers trying to get a permit or license. It's a real mess and hopefully it'll get fixed soon. I suggest we contact Chick-fil-A and have them run this for us. They'd get it done ASAP! I bet they could clear the whole thing in a week's time, two tops! At least we get more time now. Originally the deadline for the REAL ID was October of this year. Now we have until (05-03-23). 

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