One day, on his way to work, YouTuber Nate came across a little highway carnage. Not knowing what to expect, and thinking only of the views, he instinctively whipped out his phone to film whatever life was throwing at him. He did not expect to be completely, savagely, emotionally changed forever at the fowl and grim sight.

No word on whether he actually became a vegan, but I got that impression.

Reminds me of time spent working the farm in high school. There were crops and cows. The organic, living livelihood for my employers. It was a tough job that gave me my first experience of real life. As cows were giving birth, I got to see and assist new life coming into existence. It was a little angus calf, and the grossest thing you can possibly imagine at the tender age of 17.

It assimilated with the herd, but like most calves, they had a knack for following their own path. A few months later, after an emergency call, we rushed over to a field on hearing this little cow had been run over with a swather. The edge of the cutting head had impaled that little calf in that tender little space between the rear hip and his abdomen. The vet rushed over, did what he could, and it became a waiting game.

That little calf managed to make it about a week before succumbing to its injuries. You knew in your heart that it was nothing more than livestock and lost profits, but also a living, breathing creature that suffered until the sweet release of death.

That experience of my youth forever changed me. Like any other memory, it will randomly pop into my mind. And to this day, when I get that rare opportunity, I always order the veal. It's ridiculously good.

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