Yesterday I told you the story of Rowdy, our red heeler/blue heeler mix.  He wants to be a good dog, really he does.  He redeemed himself yesterday morning.  He saved my dog Tooter's life. 

I'm not supposed to let Rowdy in the house but every morning he gets to come in and enjoy some family time while I'm getting ready for work.  After Tooter has eaten I let them outside while I make my coffee and get everything out that I need to get me ready for work (trust me, it's a lot of stuff!).

Yesterday was no different, Rowdy and Tooter went out the front door to "do their business" while I was making my coffee. Then Rowdy started barking but it was a really strange, high pitched bark, not his normal growling bark. I went to the front door and opened it to see 5 coyotes sneaking up to the front porch where Tooter was. Rowdy was standing on the top step facing off to them. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I yelled "Get out of here!" As soon as I did Rowdy took off after them scattering them in every different direction (somewhat like he does with the cattle). He chased every one of those coyotes away and came back to the front porch panting. I wasn't sure if he was going to come back so he got extra hugs and pets and a couple extra treats.

When "the man" (aka David) woke I told him what had happened and that Tooter was almost Coyote breakfast.  He said "Maybe the raccoons told them there was free food here."  He cracks me up.  The raccoon story will be saved for a later date.
Raccoon 02