I have always loved the idea of baking homemade Christmas Cookies every year.  After all, I am Jeri Christmas, Right?  The reality, though, is two fold, first, you have to literally make time to do this sort of thing, and I couldn't do it without a stand mixer.  The dough is just tougher than my weak wrists could bear.

Done and Done.  I was able to score an Oster 5 quart stand mixer (used) on FB Marketplace for a smooth $40!  I was beyond surprised, as I had been pricing the Kitchen-aid mixers and couldn't allow myself to part with that much money!  Bonus, I knew the person selling it, so the transaction wasn't cause for Corona alarms.

Next, I had my daughter lure my two oldest grand-kids to my house to 'help' Nana on a project.  The project was making Grinch Cookies!  I saw this recipe last year, but as you will note from my first paragraph, I had neither the time or the mixer to follow through.

The Finished Grinch Cookies
Jeri Anderson

Speaking of the the Grinch, Can you believe that it's 20 years ago this Christmas that the Jim Carey version came out?

Once, the kids got to my house they knew something was up because of the mixer on the counter, so they were super excited that they were going to do the biggest part of these super easy, super cute Grinch Cookies.

My Grand-kids are 10 and 8 and they love helping in the kitchen, although Lucas had a tiny amount of trouble making the dough into 'round' balls.  They had such a good time forming the dough balls and rolling them in sugar, then McKayla added the red cinnamon hearts to each before they went into the over.  We all had a hard time waiting for them to cool before we tried the green delights.  It was a complete cookie making success, and what I realized is not only did we make a ton of yummy cookies, we made memories that will warm even the Grinchiest of hearts!

Grinch Cookies

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