As an up-and-coming NASCAR driver, Bryan Clauson thrilled thousands of fans from Lawton to Indianapolis every week. When he died on August 7th at age 27 after sustaining injuries in a crash during the USAC sanctioned Belleville Nationals midget car event, Clauson found a way to reach out and help thousands more.

Tim Clauson sat in a hospital room and watched his son's life fade away. But events put in motion months before, would forever change the lives of the Clausons and thousands of people who never knew the Clauson family. One act, one simple, selfless gesture would turn a cruel tragedy into a miracle for over 18,000 people. The driver, who began racing as a 13-year old in Indiana, told his family that he wanted to help others. And after his passing, the family discovered what would be their starting point for a movement that the would begin in his memory, and become a tidal wave.

Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images for NASCAR

On his drivers license, they discovered Bryan had agreed to be an organ donor. With his passing, the lives of five people would be saved. But the family wanted to take it further. The family began the "Chasing 200" campaigned, hoping in Bryan's honor to sign on 200 people to be organ donors.

It wouldn't be long before the desired 200 donors would be lapped. By the day of Bryan's memorial service on August 24th, over 750 people had signed up to be donors as part of the campaign. The Clauson family then decided their goal was too modest, and decided to go after 2000 donors!

But apparently, even that target was too low; to date over 4,000 people have signed up to be part of the initiative, a number that will eventually save over 20,000 lives in memory of Bryan Clauson. But the project has shown no signs of slowing down.

Currently, there are over 120,000 Americans waiting for life saving organ transplants. To become a part of the 'Bryan Clauson Race To Save Lives', simply click on this link to sign up and become a life saving champion.

Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images for NASCAR