It's officially crystal digging season at Oklahoma's Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge. Going on now through October 15th, you can dig for your own Selenite Crystals in the Salt Plains.


If you've never been it's located in Jet, OK. It's a great place to visit for a quick weekend getaway, vacation, or staycation. Here's the best part, IT'S TOTALLY FREE! That's right it's absolutely free to dig for crystals.

The Selenite crystals found at the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge are unique and can only be found there. They look like an hourglass. The crystals have two brown to yellowish-brown triangles on either side making them look just like an hourglass. They're fairly easy to find and very unusual and beautiful. Conditions at the salt plain cause the crystals to form and have their signature "hourglass" shape and coloration.

Watch  the video for more information on Selenite crystal and the Great Salt Plains

Campsites and rental cabins are available nearby in Salt Plain State Park along with picnic areas and other amenities. Not only can you dig for FREE CRYSTALS you can also go hiking, fishing, biking, horseback riding, bird watching, swimming, and more! If you want more information and to stay up to date with special events visit the official Salt Plains State Park Facebook page. To get all the details on digging for FREE SELENITE CRYSTALS check out the official website for the Salt Plain National Wildlife Refuge.

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