H-E-B now stands for hook, evade, body blow.

That didn’t take long, did it? The H-E-B in Frisco opened its doors in September of last year. And less than a year later, the store played host to a good old-fashioned DFW slobber knocker.

However, it was pretty short-lived thanks to the quick work of security.

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Today’s entertainment begins with a person wailing away at another who was lying on the ground. A member of the security team is finally able to pull the attacker off the other and then separate them.

What were they fighting over you ask?

According to Landon Buford, it all started over a parking space. That’ll do it every time. God forbid someone have to walk a few yards further to get to the store entrance.

So, instead of merely getting a bit of exercise by walking a little further, the person who was angry about their parking spot getting jacked also got to do a little sparring. And if you’ve ever boxed or done martial arts, you know that sparring is some damn cardio.

Of course, both of our supermarket warriors will be nursing some bumps and bruises over the next few days. But I’m sure it’s totally worth it.

Because everyone knows there’s no feeling quite like getting that prime parking spot on a busy day at H-E-B.


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