The unofficial start the Christmas is right around the corner!  Once the turkey is carved and dishes cleared, it's time to start all things Christmas!

When the kids were little, on Thanksgiving night, we would all sit down to watch 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' as our way to welcome the Christmas season. Fast forward to 2021, and those kids have kids of their own, and some of our movie choices have expanded from just Rudolph to other classics that just shout 'Christmas'!

I may be a bit biased in my choices but I'm not closed-minded when it comes to what holiday favorites are on your Must See Movie list this season.  But here are my Top 5 choices in the Anderson household!




  • 1

    White Christmas

    You can never, ever go wrong with Irving Berlin's 'White Christmas'!  Eventhough you can find editing errors in a few places, and the sets do leave a bit to be desired, the sentiment is perfectly wonderful.  Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye are excellent both singing and dancing, and the girls are equal to the challenge.  Usually the first or second Christmas movie to watch every year!

  • 2

    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

    My kids will tell you that Mom made them watch this movie every year.  I confess I did.  I love the theme that the little guy can win against the giant abominable snowman and that the reindeer that everyone laughed at can save the day!  Good lessons for kids and adults alike!

  • 3


    It's hard to believe that Elf is nearly 20 years old!  I remember seeing this movie for the first time and knew that I had to watch it again, and again.  There are so many great one-liners that Critter and I (Morning Crew) repeat all of the time on our show.  Ahh, the innocence of a child elf, and the spirit of Christmas!  'Santa, Oh my God, I know Him!'

  • 4

    Miracle on 34th Street

    I love both incarnations of this movie! The black & white is probably my favorite if you pushed me to choose.  I think because I'm a traditional Christmas girl!  But the newer one, which, by the way isn't all that new!  It's nearly 30 years old too!  I believe in the simplicity of Santa and all he stands for.  I would wear the button!

  • 5

    Christmas Chronicles

    I've heard that Kurt Russell, star of the move 'Christmas Chronicles' said that the last role he ever wants to play is the role of Santa Claus.  I'd hate for that to mean the end of a career that has spanned decades, escaping from New York, being a computer that wore tennis shoes, and now the big guy from the North Pole.  But, if this is his last role, let's hope he takes a page from Tim Allen's playbook, and has at least two or three more Chronicles up his sleeve!

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