Earlier this week I posted how John Berlin was asking for Facebook to give him access to his deceased son, Jesse Berlin's, Facebook movie.  Well this is the video that Facebook provided, AWESOME move Facebook!


John Berlin’s plea worked. One Facebook employee saw the original YouTube video and brought it to the company’s attention.

“I was just contacted by FB by phone and there going to make a vid just for us,” Berlin posted on his Facebook page. “They also said they’re going to look at how they can better help families who have lost loved ones. Ty friends and to FB.”

However, in this case, the computerized program that creates “A Look Back” couldn’t automatically generate a video. Instead, Facebook employees did one manually using News Feed posts and photos that the younger Berlin had set for public viewing.

Still, Facebook says this is a one-time video and that it can’t accommodate every request from family or friends of a deceased member because there would be too many.

Way to go Facebook!