Oklahoma skies will soon be filled with flashing lights of red, white and blue in celebration of America's Independence Day. But Oklahomans are urged to be cautions with their firework displays as the state is experiencing elevated fire danger.

It has been a while since Oklahoma has received a good bout of rain so the state is experiencing dry conditions. Coupled with hot temperatures, gusty south winds and low humidity, Wednesday and Thursday will be favorable for grass fires.

According to the National Weather Service in Norman, areas of western, southwest and central Oklahoma are at an elevated fire risk. People in these areas are asked to practice fire prevention by avoiding activities the cause sparks/flames, properly dispose of lit cigarettes, check trailer chains and not park cars on grass.

National Weather Service in Norman
National Weather Service in Norman

What to do if you light fireworks during dry conditions?

As of Wednesday, July 3, there are no burn bans in place for Oklahoma, so people can still celebrate with fireworks. If you plan to light fireworks on Wednesday or Thursday, you'll want to be extra observant of sparks. You will want to make sure any sparks are extinguished.

Also, you'll want to make sure your fireworks are properly extinguished. You'll want to soak your fireworks in water for several hours before disposing of them in a trash can.

Some firework shows are being canceled due to dry conditions.

Unfortunately, due to the dry conditions, some firework shows are being cancelled or postponed. Oklahoma's Red River neighbors in Vernon, Texas, have already made the call to postpone the town's firework show due to the dry conditions, which has been supported by the town's fire chief.

Thunderstorms are possible in Oklahoma on July 4.

Most Oklahomans will be spending their July 4 outside. They'll want to be mindful of extreme heat during the day. The heat indices for that day are expected to reach 110 degrees by the afternoon.

National Weather Service in Norman
National Weather Service in Norman

Towards the evening, a cold front will blow through Oklahoma and is expected to bring in rain and thunderstorm chances. The possibility of rain and thunderstorms is expected between 7 p.m. Thursday and 1 a.m. Friday for parts of northwest, western, central and southwest Oklahoma.

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