Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

Fall has arrived. Along with the turning of the calendar and the days getting shorter, it also means the arrival of the cold and flu season.

Yes, the season that everybody dreads. Doctors have already been advising people to get their flu shots. There is also a big concern that is sweeping America. A shortage of OTC medicines such as Tylenol. This is due to a recall by the manufacturer. This is the first major recall of Tylenol since the contamination scandal 30 years ago.

Johnson and Johnson the manufacturer of the OTC had reports of musty, moldy smelling medications and other quality controll issues so they pulled them from shelves. And more likely not to be replaced this cold and flu season.
This can be bad for people who have allergies to other medications and Tylenol is their only alternative. Pharmacists are recommending that people discuss this with their primary care giver to see which direction to go for pain reliever in the absence of Tylenol.
If you use this product will you stock up to be ready for the cold and flu season? Or will you find somthing else?