Everybody has either heard or known someone who's talked about old-timers cures. Everything from the aspirin being a cure-all to an apple a day keeping the doctor away. Some of these sayings are widely known and believed, and others not so much. There was a time where heroin was advertised as a cure to cancer... Nonetheless, some 'cures' work wonders.

Take this advice with a grain of salt. Celebrity Chef and SWOK Native Kent Rollins knows his way around a chuck wagon. Whether he's there to cook, coach, pull a tooth, or break a fever, he has a cure. Take a traditional Hot Toddy for instance. A simple glass of coffee or tea, a little honey, a splash of whiskey... It'll make you feel much better when you're feeling down with cold and flu symptoms. Some say it's the nostalgia and placebo effect. Others say it's the vitamins for health, the honey for taste, and the whiskey for the buzz. Either way, it seems better, easier, and cheaper than anything else over the counter.

The onion for a head cold trick is something new. At first, I thought 'How can you not feel better after torturing yourself with onion vapors?' But after a quick search, it turns out these old timers knew what was up. Onions are apparently an amazing root veggie for more than just taste. Check out those uses here.

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