Today is a sad day for me and I know that things happen in our lives that make us sad or blue. If I'm feeling a little sad I try to think of things that make me happy. Check out my Top 5 things that make me happy!

  • Nancy Mace

    My dogs Tooter and Rowdy

    Not one day goes by that these two don't make me laugh. Whether it's Tooter carrying around her pink golf ball or Rowdy running down the ditch to meet me as I drive up to the house. They always make me smile. Here they are waiting on the 4-wheeler so I can give them a ride.

  • Calving Season at The Mace Place

    Nothing makes me smile more than calving season at The Mace Place. This year I had a bottle baby and it makes me laugh every time I go out to feed him. His little tale would wag as fast as the milk would disappear from the bottle.

  • Spending Time with Friends

    Not just spending time with good friends but eating cupcakes with good friends as fast as we can shove them in our mouths!

  • My Family

    Nothing beats spending time with your family. Whether it's just my husband and I hanging out or the entire gang. I enjoy all the love that surrounds us when we spend time together. I don't get to spend much time with my family because they all live so far away. When we get together it's so much fun to laugh and tease each other.

  • Photography

    I love to take pictures. I have now started carrying my camera everywhere I go because you just never know when you will get that perfect shot. Of course my husband David is growing tired of me yelling "STOP! I want to take a picture!"

  • My Copenhagen Cowboy

    I know I said this was a list of the 5 things that make me the happiest but can you imagine what would happen if I left off the most important person in my life? He makes me gut laugh almost every day! You have to watch those quiet ones. They are the funniest!