The Lawton City Council will be meeting today in regular session at 2:00pm CST to discuss and vote on possibly ending the mandatory mask ordinance. All citizens are encouraged to voice their opinions, as well as local and area businesses. The meeting will be held in the auditorium at Lawton City Hall in downtown located at: 212 S.W. 9th street, on the corner of 9th and C Ave.

Council members will revisit the mandatory face mask ordinance they passed back in July. The ordinance requires all citizens and businesses to wear masks and/or face coverings while indoors at any business or open to the public location/property within the city limits. It also requires signage at all entries with notification of the mask ordinance and possible fines for persons not in compliance.

Agree or disagree with the mandatory mask ordinance the council needs to hear from you today. This way members hear from both citizens and businesses pro and con to make a decision that will hopefully reflect the majority's preference. Please contact your councilman from the ward you live and and the Mayor's office to voice your opinions. Below is a complete listing with contact information.

Stan Booker, Mayor

Mary Ann Hankins:
Keith Jackson: 
Linda Chapman:
Jay Burk:
Allan Hampton: 
Sean Fortenbaugh: 
Onreka Johnson:
Randy Warren:
For all the details on the ordinance visit the City of Lawton official website. So what are your thoughts on the mandatory mask ordinance? Take the quick poll below and let us know your thoughts.

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