There's nothing like the Rodeo!  Lawton Rangers Rodeo is in its 84th year here in Lawton!  That means that the Rodeo began one full year before WWII.

That kind of history means that the Lawton Rangers have learned a few things like the rodeo is more than just the contestant and cowboys, the bulls and broncs.  It's all of those things and much, much more.

Jeri Anderson
Jeri Anderson

One example of what the Rangers do right, is the world-class announcer for the last 24 of those 64 years, Charlie Throckmorton.  Throckmorton, who hails from Cleburn, Texas has been the voice of the Lawton Ranger for over 2 decades.  He knows most of the horses, bulls, and cowboys by name and some of their fathers and grandfathers!

Another wonderful part of the rodeo is the Rodeo Royalty!  This year, I had the opportunity to emcee the Miss Rodeo Lawton pageant, held at the museum of the great plains. Miss McKayla Pendergrass was crowned Miss Rodeo Lawton and will preside over all 4 nights of the Rodeo.

Lawton Rangers Rodeo

Tonight is Military night at the Lawton Rangers Rodeo.  Military personnel in uniform will be admitted into the Grandstands for free. Another treat as in past military nights, new recruits will be sworn into their chosen branch of the military.  It's an honor to witness these young men and women as they choose to serve their country.

Tomorrow is the Grand Finale of the Lawton Rangers Rodeo, located at the L. O. Ranch Arena, just south of the TV station on East 60th street.  The grand entry starts nightly at 7:30 pm.

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