You don't need me to tell you this, but all the social media platforms are a dumpster fire today. Every single one of them! As you can imagine the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict is creating a lot of heated debate and serious arguments on Facebook, Twitter, and just about everywhere else, including the water cooler and break room.

A few short hours ago it was officially announced that Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges and found "not guilty." Since then it's been a battle royale online between those who agree and those who disagree with the verdict. Right here in Lawton, Fort Sill it's gotten downright nasty as people rip each other apart for their opinions. A case that's been this publicized with so much emotion I guess it's to be expected.

We haven't been this glued to a court case since the O.J. Simpson trial. It's been the hot topic for weeks and I expect it will continue to dominate our conversations for the next couple of weeks as well. So what are your thoughts? If you were on the jury how would you have voted? Guilty or not guilty? Take the quick poll below:

We'll see if the court of public opinion reaches the same verdict as the jury. Most places you look and conversations you get into seem to be 50/50 when it comes to agreeing or disagreeing with the verdict. Which is normal when you think about it, at least with a case like this. A lot of people think it was self-defense, others think it was murder. At the end of the day, a jury of 12 voted "not guilty" on all charges.

Whatever your thoughts and opinions are on this case you're sure to run into someone and quickly, who disagrees with you. That's not a bad thing unless it turns ugly, which more than likely it will, unfortunately. Most people can't separate opinion from person or think just because someone disagrees with them on one issue they're a bad human all around. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Sadly this verdict will more than likely cause further violence and civil unrest. Prior to the verdict people were already saying "If it doesn't go our way and he's not found guilty, we're going to protest." Now there's nothing wrong with protesting but when it turns into full-blown rioting then it's a problem. At this time the National Guard is on stand-by in Kenosha in the event protesting gets out of hand. Which if 2020 has taught us anything about protests, it's that more than likely it'll get out of hand. There was no winner today...

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