The Lawton Municipal Court located at 102 S.W. 5th Street will be closed the middle of next week from Thursday, April 28th (04-28-21) through Friday, April 30th (04-30-21). They'll close down temporarily so they can move to the new Lawton Public Safety Center. Looks like the new location is getting really close to being open to the public. It's an impressive building that stretches between Larrance and Railroad street to Gore Blvd. Construction has been on going since October of 2017 so it's taken a little over 3 years to complete.

The new Lawton Public Safety Center will be the new home for Central Fire Station along with the Lawton Police Department. The new center will also be the new home for the city jail and municipal court. Once finished it'll be a one stop stop. It's a beautiful building, not to mention HUGE! Looking forward to seeing the inside and all that they've done with all the various departments. It's definitely going to be state of the art! It won't be long now, most of the departments will be open in the new building by the beginning of next month.

In the meantime keep in mind that the Lawton Municipal Court at it's current, soon to be old location of 102 S.W. 5th Street will be closing mid next week. If you have any businesses, appearances, fines or traffic tickets you need to pay, stop by and see them ASAP. You can also pay fines and tickets online and by phone. Visit the official Lawton Municipal Court website for all the details. See the press release below for all the information concerning the municipal court closure next week:


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