Here we are rolling into week three post-Lincoln Riley and OU Sooner fans are still upset. So much so, one Oklahoma state senator wants to name just three-inches of Oklahoma highway after the past OU head coach in an attempt to give Sooner Nation a little closure. His move to USC has ruffled more than just feathers, and it might be because the best coach OU has ever had made the choice to leave the team for greener pastures.

There's not one sports fan out there that doesn't love stats. Numbers are regularly used as weapons in the fight when two fans are debating their respective teams... like when the only response an OU fan has to an OSU fan after the Pokes slayed the Sooners is "Seven national titles..." Which is true. The Sooners have seven college football national championships... but the stats don't lie, and OSU has more national championships overall than OU, but that's neither here or there.

The one stat the few OU fans I've conversed with within recent weeks are having trouble swallowing the biggest stat of Coach Lincoln Riley's legacy in Norman. He's the winningest coach the Sooners have ever had.

Feel free to pop over to the wiki page and confirm this yourself... He's got the best record of them all, and that's why the current feelings towards him are so vicious.

Nobody can wrap their head around why the best coach OU's ever had suddenly hopped up and skipped town to a new team in a new state. It's not betrayal fans feel, it's abandonment.

Admittedly, Riley's OU record is most likely so good because he's spent so little time here in the grand scheme of a coach's career. If he had the career span of Bob Stoops or Bud Wilkinson, he'd most likely have some losing seasons in there to skew the stats, but we'll never know.

I suppose it's a little salt in the wound knowing the best and most winningest coach OU has ever had decided OU wasn't good enough for him. To be honest, any fanbase would probably feel the same way.

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