Unfortunately there's another local business closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Mountain Boomer Tavern announced last week that they would be closing their doors permanently. The shutdown of local and area businesses has really harmed all of our small and even large businesses in Lawton, Fort Sill. As the weeks turned into months the chance of recovering became less and less. It's beyond sad what COVID-19 has done to our town and the Nation.

On the official Facebook page for Mountain Boomer Tavern they made the following statement:

"Sorry for the long radio silence. We have been exploring all of our options and making decisions after the quarantine lifted. We have made the tough decision to close the doors. We have appreciated all the love and support and hope that if you came to Mountain Boomer you made some happy memories. Y'all are amazing! Go support some other local bars and businesses. Cheers!"

"P.S. if you have messaged Mountain Boomer and have not received a response we hope there are no hard feelings. We wanted to have our decision made before answering any questions."

While we're currently in Phase III of the Oklahoma OURS (Open Up and Recover Safely) plan it's too little too late. There's a lot of local and area businesses that will never recover from this. It seems like everyday we're hearing of more and more places that are either closing, or are about to close if things don't improve ASAP. We really need to do our part and shop local as much as possible. We're not only losing stores, bars and restaurants. Think about all those directly affected by this. These are our friends, family and neighbors who are losing their jobs and livelihoods.

We'll certainly miss having the Mountain Boomer Tavern in Lawton. We wish all those who worked there and the owners, operators all the best.

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