It never fails to amaze me how many laws there are on the books in this country. Like, congress' rule book on what they can and cannot do is so short, it was handwritten after the United States won our independence. Now, even in digital terms, the laws our government has bestowed us consume terabytes of data in plain text form.

Regardless, those that have to justify their paychecks will do whatever they have to in order to do just that. If all you have is a hammer, everything is a nail right?

So in Oklahoma, there are some 350 new laws set to become effective as of November 1st. Most of these laws have little or no effect on the average, common citizen of this state, but some do.

Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect come November 1st.

New Oklahoma Laws Taking Effect November 1st

With over 350 new laws set to take effect in Oklahoma this year, it's practically impossible to keep them all organized and well known. Here's a shortlist of the new Oklahoma laws that will most likely affect you.

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