A lot of retailers in Oklahoma have been slowly doing away with self-checkout. Could this checkout option soon disappear in Oklahoma?

It's been reported that multiple retailers are ceasing the use of self-checkout machines due to increased theft resulting in huge losses. And most shoppers agree that self-checkout does make it easier to steal, and more tempting.

Self-checkout ramped up during the COVID-19 pandemic and it was looking to be the future of shopping. But, of course, money talks. And huge losses because these machines could mean that companies will soon be performing a disappearing act with these machines.

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Recently, we reported that Walmart specifically was removing self-checkout machines from its stores across the country. It had us asking, could Walmart soon be removing self-checkout from Oklahoma stores?

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Some of our listeners said they didn't like using self-checkout and preferred using a cashier, so it wouldn't make a difference to them. Others were concerned because Walmart is notorious for not having enough cashiers available and having long lines, and self-checkout often made checking out faster.

But what about other retailers that offer self-checkout?

It's not just Walmart that's feeling the blow of self-checkout theft. Retail chains such as Target and Costco have slowly been removing self-checkout machines, according to an article from KTLA. And it's all due to increased theft.

According to a TikToker who works at Target, shoppers may notice self-checkout lanes being closed. The reason being is because of a company-wide shift with self-checkout. In the TikTok below, they state that the company is wanting to shoppers to use cashiers and also because of increased theft at self-checkout. At the end of the video, they say that some Target stores might even fully get rid of self-checkout.

So what do you think?

Should retailers remove self-checkout completely or just have a few lanes available? Let us know by messaging us on the app!

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