To say that Oklahoma has had an active storm season is an understatement. The 2024 storm season has proven to be one of the most active in Oklahoma's history - definitely ranking in the top 10 of active Oklahoma storm seasons.

Oklahoma has had a few, somewhat, quite days with severe weather, specifically tornadoes. There's been several days of heavy rain and thunderstorms since the last tornado hit Oklahoma on May 25, which is still being investigated by the National Weather Service in Norman.

The last confirmed damaging tornado to strike Oklahoma was on May 23 and hit southwest Oklahoma near the town of Duke. The tornado was categorized as an EF2 based on the damage assessed to farms, powerlines and homes in the area.

Oklahoma has reached 100 tornadoes count.

On Monday, June 3, the National Weather Service in Norman announced on its Facebook page that Oklahoma had reached 100 tornadoes for 2024. The post states that this count is more than twice the average for the state for the months January through May with an average of 41. The National Weather Service in Norman is expecting this number to increase as investigations are still being conducted for tornadoes that occurred in April and May.

Oklahoma has a chance for tornadoes on Monday, June 3.

Oklahomans are urged to remain weather aware Monday, June 3 as thunderstorms move through the state. There is also a low chance for tornadoes this evening for western and southwest Oklahoma as more severe weather is expected.

According to the National Weather Service in Norman, the tornado chance for Oklahoma on Monday, June 3 is very low, but not zero. The storms are also expected to bring in hail up to baseball size and damaging winds from 60 to 80 miles per hour.

National Weather Service in Norman
National Weather Service in Norman

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