We've noticed over the last several years that stores start bringing out Halloween candy, Black Friday deals and Christmas decorations earlier and earlier every year. Not all people are like me, Jeri Christmas, who feel instant joy when seeing holiday items while grocery shopping in late August - others see a more rage-y red.

So I was wondering, "When do Oklahomans as a whole finally get into the Christmas spirit?" Some locals started getting their Christmas decorations out right after Halloween. Lawton hosted its annual Holiday in the Park Parade a week before Thanksgiving. The Chickasha Festival of Light flipped its switch before a turkey could be carved, or even fried.

We recently asked our listeners, "When do most people in Oklahoma put up their Christmas lights?" And here are the results so far:

  • Right After Thanksgiving - 57.14%
  • Before Thanksgiving - 28.57%
  • First Week of December - 10.71%
  • Mid to Late December - 3.57%

So by a landslide, our listeners like to put up their Christmas lights after Thanksgiving. I bet you saw a lot of your neighbors out on their ladders this past weekend getting their holiday spirit on!


But, that still leaves the question, "When do Oklahomans feel the most Christmassy?"

Well, according to a survey conducted by Family Destination Guide of 3,000 Americans, us Okies begin to feel the Christmas spirit by December 5. This is after having stores sprinkle in Christmas decorations starting in October and after Christmas music began playing in early November. But it looks like Oklahomans won't be forced into the holiday spirit any earlier than necessary! We're a stubborn bunch, huh?

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But at the end of the day, all that matters is that you do what makes you happy! If you had your holiday decorations out after dusting up the Halloween cobwebs, good for you! And if you never took your Christmas tree down from last year, I'm glad you had the joy of the holidays in your home this entire time.

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