Just about everyone in Oklahoma has seen a tornado at least once in their life. Oklahomans are known for stepping out their house or looking through the window to get a glimpse of a tornado when there's a warning.

But there are some Oklahomans who may live in an area of the state that frequently experiences tornadoes. So those Okies have probably seen more than one tornado. There's not really an answer as to why some areas of the state see more tornadoes. Some may say it's because those areas are more in Tornado Alley, while others assume it's commonplace for tornadoes to take similar paths.

What is 'Tornado Alley' and where is it?

According to the NOAA'S National Severe Storms Laboratory, the term "'Tornado Alley' is a nickname invented by the media to refer to a broad area of relatively high tornado occurrence in the central United States." But often these "maps look different because tornado occurrence can be measured many ways: by all tornadoes, tornado county-segments, strong and violent tornadoes only, and databases with different time periods."


Recently, several news outlets have pointed out that Tornado Alley is shifting eastward and is moving from Texas and Oklahoma toward Tennessee and Kentucky. But according to the NOAA'S National Severe Storms Laboratory, the concept that is "Tornado Alley" is always shifting.

The U.S. tornado threat shifts from the Southeast in the cooler months of the year, toward the southern and central Plains in May and June, and the northern Plains and Midwest during early summer. Tornadoes can occur and have been reported in all fifty states! Please remember, violent tornadoes do happen outside “Tornado Alley” every year.

What counties in Oklahoma see the most tornadoes?

There's 77 counties in Oklahoma, and Stacker has found that there are about 50 Oklahoma counties that see a lot of tornadoes. Check out the gallery below for the counties in Oklahoma with the most tornadoes!

TWISTERS: Counties With the Most Tornadoes in Oklahoma

Stacker compiled a list of counties which experience the most tornadoes in Oklahoma using data from NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

Things You'll Need in Your Oklahoma Tornado Prep Kit

Even though the odds of your life being affected by a tornado are extremely thin, there's no harm in being prepared with basic necessities. Even if the storm misses your home you could still find yourself without power or water for days to weeks. Here's a quick rundown on the basics every home should have for tornado season in Oklahoma.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

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