With oil and gas so ingrained in Oklahoma's history, it hasn't been surprising to see the slow adoption and heavy pushback against electric vehicles across the state.

Like most things do, EVs instantly divided us along political lines in the most ridiculous way imaginable. It's human nature and this thought that a person is either with you or against you with no middle ground.

You know the common arguments people have.

  • It's better for the environment
  • The grid can't handle the load
  • Electricity is cheaper than gas
  • *Was cheaper than gas
  • We'll run out of oil
  • 400 years of proven reserves

The list could quite literally go on forever and nobody will ever win that argument. The simpler truth is, people hate change until it's their own choice to do so.

Regardless of where you stand on the matter, EVs will one day be the norm across the first world, but not until the battery technology manages to catch up to the ambition.

Oklahoma's Department of Transportation is making headlines on the subject, accepting $66 million over the next five years to build out an electric vehicle charging infrastructure that actually, technically, already exists.

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The layout of the new EV charging grid has only a few limitations. Eligible sites must be within one mile of a highway exit and have to offer at least four charging ports, and Oklahoma is dead serious about building them.

ODOT spokesperson Bryce Boyer said the state will accept bids from private companies to build these charger stations across the state, focusing on our interstates first, then branching out along smaller state highway systems later.

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In the most unshocking way imaginable, the people who would most benefit from additional charging stations are some of the biggest opponents to the plan. With a heavy sense of distrust, they insist the Oklahoma government will find a way to siphon these funds into other projects.

To be fair, our EV charger grid is already pretty stout across the state, which is surprising given how passionately the majority of people are fighting the trend.

Here's a map of what exists at the moment.


From the outside looking in, it's not that impressive... but when you zoom in, there are thousands of charging station across the state, even along the smallest stretches of rural highway.


Granted, PlugShare lists every available outlet, camp and RV sites, etc.. The closer you zoom into the map, the more EV chargers you find, even in the most remote corners of the state.

It goes to show, while some are adopting "green" energy for the assumption it's better for the environment, others are adopting it for the color of money.

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