In all my years spent here in Oklahoma, I had no idea that a treehouse hotel thing even existed. You see them on TV in Texas, Oregon, and Washington... but Oklahoma? I'm in. Not to drag out the details here, but there's actually two treehouse hotels in Oklahoma, and they're both around Lake Eufaula.

The first is called Eufaula Treehouse Tree-Sort... or Ra's Eufaula Tree-Sort... Like "resort," but with the obligatory pun. One of the other, both names send you to the same website... With a handful of treehouses to choose from, including two that are actually built way up in the trees, it seems like a pretty unique getaway for you and your better half.

Alternatively, there is another treehouse destination resort hotel type thing called Calico Heights Eufaula. They advertise "luxury" treehouse accommodations. What exactly the definition of "luxury" Eastern Oklahoma has is your guess as good as mine, but these have plumbing, bathrooms, etc... in the treehouses. Does that make them luxury? Well, it certainly beats that 3am walk to the outhouse or dropping your business from an outdoor balcony make-shift toilet.

The idea is pretty cool. I love vacationing to cabins in the woods. Not so much the woods, poison ivy and I do not play nicely together... but for me, the simpler the better. Give me wood paneled walls, a grill, and a table to play dominoes at, I'm set for the weekend. I like the cabins at Luggert Lake and Arbuckle Lake. Picturesque views across the water, tall trees for shade, and a working air conditioner to keep the need for constant laundry down.

All the same, luxury cabins have their place. I have a buddy that has a friends-trip every year to the cabins around Broken Bow, and they rave about it. You look at the cabins online, they seem luxurious. Outdoor flatscreens, massive living rooms, larger than life fireplaces, pool tables, hot tubs... It seems nice too. I've been trying to get my family to have a Christmas there for a few years, so far it's a no-go since they all work retail and usually catch a work schedule for the 26th, but it's an idea. Maybe Spring Break next year. I don't think the treehouse cabins could house the whole family, but for a couple and maybe a kid or two, this might be the unique destination getaway you've been looking for all year.

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