So you're getting ready for the holidays... the tree is all planned, the Thanksgiving menu is laid out, and you're going to get your puppers into the groomer before the inevitable holiday rush. The drop off goes normal, you run out to do some errands, but the call back isn't to let you know your doggo is primed and ready to put their best paw forward... Instead, you're told something is wrong, you need to pick them up immediately. In a rush, you pick up your dog, rush to the vet, and soon after you're told that the lower jaw of your dog is broken on both sides.

That's a story you'd expect to hear in Florida, or really any of the gulf states, but Broken Arrow, Okalhoma? Really? At a PetSmart no less? That's just crazy to think something like this could, and I stress, 'allegedly' happen in a pretty well established national chain business.

All the same, as much as the internet wants to hop on the 'F-PetSmart' bandwagon early in the information, perhaps the story isn't as straight forward as it is currently being told. Nobody can keep this kind of thing under wraps for long.

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