I was so confused by this story at first, but now I love it.

So I saw that an Oklahoma Senator wanted to name a highway after former Oklahoma Sooner coach Lincoln Riley. I was thinking, are you trying not to get re-relected? This would be a dumb move to make so soon after Lincoln Riley took the head coaching job at USC.

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Turns out Oklahoma Senator Bill Coleman out of Ponca City wants to basically give Riley one last middle finger out of town. He found the tiniest sections of one of Oklahoma's most desolate highways to name after Riley.


"This is only fitting as this is the last three inches one sees before leaving our great state heading west,” Coleman said. “While we are all free to pursue employment elsewhere, there is a level of professionalism that is expected to be adhered to. From all indications, professionalism was pretty much absent in how this departure was executed.”


I agree 100%, you don't leave like this in the middle of the season. Finish it out, then take the USC job if you want. What I love about Coleman's Bill, if it were to pass. He is paying for it 100% out of his pocket. So come on Oklahoma senators, come together and get this to pass.


I think both sides of aisle can come together to hate Lincoln Riley. The next session is scheduled for February 7th, we will see if it passes.

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