In this day in age, we seem to put all of our focus on the things that tend to drive us apart. Whether it's politics, religion, raising kids, the list of things we disagree on is endless... One of the things that I think most people universally agree on is our jobs. You may love your job, but most people don't really love their employers all of the time.

Example: You love the camaraderie of the military but sometimes you hate the orders given to you by the Army... Or you may love working for your department head, but absolutely can't stand the big boss... Sometimes you may really enjoy working for the big boss, but really bang heads with a supervisor...

The point being, every one of us, at some point in our lives, complain about our jobs. It's just a trait of being human, and it's one thing that we all have in common.

Obviously, since we've become so accustomed to "living our best life" and whatever other cliches Zoomers are saying these days if you don't like your job, the solution is to get a new job. Even if you swap companies to do the exact same job, sometimes a fresh start is just what you need.

So where do you go? Where would you even look for a job here in Oklahoma?

Surprisingly, Oklahoma is full of jobs. Even more shocking, a lot of them pay pretty well. Not to say you'll climb to the top 3% of earners, but jobs that'll at least provide you a comfortable living.

If this sounds like just the thing you need, here are the top employers in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma's Top 25 Largest Employers

Too many people think all they'll ever find is yet another dead-end job. Here's a quick list from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce featuring the twenty-five largest employers in Oklahoma who are always looking to hire good people.

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