It won't be long now, the new Panera Bread in Lawton, Fort Sill is now under construction on N.W. Sheridan Road next to Raising Cain's Chicken and across from Walmart. They've gotten a good start, the outside walls are now in place and they're working on bricking and roughing in the interior.

There's been rumors galore as to who purchased the land awhile back and what could be coming to Lawton, Fort Sill. Originally there was talk of Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen moving in, then the talk turned to Panera Bread. We've been hearing rumors of Panera Bread for some time now and it's looking like it's actually happening.

It'll be nice to have some more choices when it comes to dinning out, not to mention the additional jobs this will bring. Panera Bread has great soups, sandwiches, wraps, pastas, salads, pastries, bagels and all kinds of fresh baked breads and other treats. Their chicken noodle soup is amazing especially when it's paired with a bacon and turkey sandwich. The grilled cheese with tomato soup is also a must try.

Not too sure when they'll complete all the construction, but they're moving pretty quick and it's coming together fast. I'm sure the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed, if not stopped construction at times. Hopefully things will improve so they can continue working on it. We could definitely use a Panera Bread in Lawton! Maybe by as soon as next month we'll be hitting the drive thru for some Panera Bread soups and sandwiches!

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