It's looking to be a summer of pickles in Oklahoma! The internet was in a frenzy when people started ordering a pickle Dr. Pepper at Sonic. Now there's one local Oklahoma watering hole that's serving pickle lemonade.

Oklahomans have always had an affinity for pickles. There's an annual state pickle festival. And some local farmer's markets have their own pickle celebrations in the summer. You can try all kinds of pickle creations at these events or dare yourself to try a super sour pickle. But adding pickles to drinks? The seems observed. But based on people's reactions, you shouldn't knock it till you try it.

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Lemonade is the most refreshing summer drink.

When you think of lemonade, you think of enjoying that cold, sweet, tart sip on a hot summer's day. The ingredients for a good lemonade is quite simple - lemons, sugar and water. A lot people will make lemonade at home with a mix, but over the years, people have learned how to make the freshest lemonade, thanks to the internet. All you do is a chop a lemon up, put it in a glass with some sugar, press down on everything until it makes a sugary juice, then just add ice and water and shake it up!

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Some people will add other fruits to their homemade fresh lemonade, like strawberries and blueberries. But pickles?? That's unheard of.

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Have you ever had pickle lemonade?

Willow Beverage Co. in Medicine Park, Oklahoma, is known for having delicious libations. They recently posted on their Facebook page one of their most popular drinks at the moment - the Sour Puss. It's a pickle lemonade. It's loaded with pickles and comes with a lemon garnish.

Would you try a pickle lemonade?

Message us on our mobile app if you would try a pickle lemonade! Also, we'd like to know if you've tried a pickle Dr. Pepper or pickles in any other drinks.

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