We've always known, duct tape can fix a lot of things, sort of... Now there's a new self-proclaimed competitor out there calling for greatness.

It's called FiberFix, and the actual science behind it seems pretty stellar. Any car guy can tell you, fiberglass is a wonderfully strong and light alternative to steel. Though the hot-rod guys will call shenanigans since you can't make it truly straight and pretty. That's not what we're arguing here though.

How many times have you reached for some duct tape, piled it on, and noticed it didn't exactly achieve what you were hoping? Then a few years ago, Gorilla Tape came out and it cornered the industrial strength market. Now, the challenger is calling for a new 'Adhesive Olympics.'

I'd be curious to play with some too, but generally, when I break a $15 shovel, I don't reach for $25 tape... I just buy a new shovel. Still, it'd be nice to have around the shop when your wives brothers shoddy weld job gives out and leaves you punching his man-card.

Maybe FiberFix should send some our way to do a little real-world testing.

If you're up to playing with a new product, it's available here on the official FiberFix website. Be forewarned, it's a little pricey... but a good fix is priceless.

Bonus points for the company reps having a good sense of humor.


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