Oklahomans make several preparations during storm season. From cleaning out their storm shelter to prepping their severe weather go-bag, Oklahomans do everything they can to keep their family safe. But Oklahomans may have forgotten to do one of the most important things of severe weather prep - registering their storm shelter.

Oklahomans take shelter in many areas during severe weather - small, enclosed room, cellar, basement, etc. But when a tornado strikes, people could get trapped in their shelters and after the storm passes, they'll be at the mercy of first responders to rescue them from below the debris. Registering your storm shelter can help make that rescue process faster.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

How to register your storm shelter.

Whether your severe weather plan is to take shelter in a centrally located bathroom or a storm shelter in your garage, it's important to register your shelter area.

An article from KOCO put together an extensive list of where Oklahomans from across the state can register their storm shelter. Oklahomans will register their storm shelter either with their city or county. This information is not public and is only made available to first responders when disaster strikes.

The information requested will be different based on where you live. And it's always important to reregister your storm shelter every time you move.

Below is where you can register your storm shelter based on where you live in Oklahoma. If you don't see your location listed, contact your city or county's local emergency management or first responders.

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