By: Tanika Gentry

Hey boys and girls! It’s almost that time of year again. Yep. The lazy, scorching hot, lingering days of summer. When all educational requirements go out the window and downright laziness sets in. Freedom so close, you can almost taste it! But what are you planning on doing this summer? Are you gonna just stay in the house all day watching cartoons until mom and dad come home from work? Will you be out somewhere roaming the streets looking for something random to get into? When your teacher asks, “What book are you going to read over the summer?” you do know that answering, “Facebook!” doesn’t count, right?

Staying home and doing absolutely nothing may sound appealing, but it’s really not. Why? Because you’re a kid. Your mind needs to stay active, or you’ll experience what’s known as “summer slide”. That’s what happens when your young impressionable mind sits unchallenged and unproductive for three months. It’s been said that if you don’t read over the summer, when you go back to school you can fall up to THREE GRADE LEVELS BEHIND where you were before you went on summer break! Where I’m from, we call that “dumbing out”.


But guess what? You don’t have to worry about that happening to you at all! Why, you ask? Well, because there’s a great event being held especially for you this weekend. It’s the 4th ANNUAL YOUTH SUMMERTIME ACTIVITIES AND JOB EXPO! Spend the day with your family learning about all the great things available for you to do in Lawton/Ft. Sill this summer. This event is free for kids of all ages, and there will be tons of information on educational programs, sports camps, college help, and MORE job opportunities for you this summer. Imagine the possibilities of doing something productive this summer by getting out of the house, making new memories, meeting new friends, and if possible, making some money while you’re at it!

 Saturday, March 28, 2015

1:00pm – 4:00pm

Graham Resiliency Training Campus

2934 Marcy Road, Ft. Sill

For more information contact: Michael Collins 580– 442- 4916

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