Another arctic blast is headed for Oklahoma, and Okies will soon be stocking up on bread and milk!

For some reason, when severe winter weather is predicted to hit Oklahoma, the shelves at the grocery store become barren, especially of milk and bread. Why these are the two items Oklahomans hoard before winter weather is still a mystery. But the local meteorologists sure do love to play into this obsession.

The Oklahoma Mesonet has yet to release their Braum's Emergency Def-Con Meter for next week's arctic blast yet, but we're betting it'll be pretty high for most of Oklahoma. Meteorologists are warning Oklahomans that next week's weather could be the coldest we've seen since February 2021, which is a winter weather event no Oklahoman will ever forget.

The first arctic blast will sweep through Oklahoma on Friday, Jan. 12, but the coldest blast will arrive Monday, Jan. 15 with wind chills in the negatives.

So what do Oklahomans REALLY need to get through an arctic blast?

Although there's a few things you can actually do with bread and milk - sandwiches, cereal...

Here are the essentials for an Oklahoma winter storm.

  • Shelter
  • Electricity
  • Running Water
  • Sensible Amount of Food

All Oklahomans need to survive a winter storm are shelter to protect them from the storm; electricity for heat and to cook; running water for bathing and drinking water; and, of course, a sensible amount of food for a few days - there's no need to empty the shelves at the local grocery store.

But if next week will be anything like the winter weather event Oklahoma experienced in February 2021, some Okies could lose power, heat and water. So you may want to stock up on more than just bread and milk. And hopefully over the next few days, Oklahomans will focus on winterproofing their homes.

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