God I hope this doesn't become a new internet challenge! If you haven't seen this yet I guarantee you after seeing it you'll only purchase sealed containers from this day forth! A teenage girl in Lufkin, Texas finally has her 15 minutes of internet fame, more like infamy! Of course it could lead to a criminal record and felony charges. She shot a video at Walmart and posted it online, or went Facebook live as she reached into the freezer at the store after being dared, licked some ice cream out of a Blue Bell carton then put it back. I guess her and her friend thought it was hilarious, the rest of us were disgusted!

Police have now identified her and she could be facing 2 to 20 years for felony tampering. It's no joke, messing with food or any consumable product can land you in serious trouble as it should. Well after seeing the video and the number of views it got others are now following suit. God help us! A man in Louisiana was just arrested for the same thing. Hopefully once the word gets out that this can bring severe consequences it will stop.

Now this guy is no teenage kid, he's a grown man and should definitely know better! Surprisingly there's more and more videos coming out with people doing this. Are people really this attention starved and bored? While most internet challenges are harmless fun, annoying and ridiculous but harmless. This one could cause all kinds of trouble, and not only with the law but people's health. I'll only be buying sealed items, ice cream and everything else. I have enough to worry about without the threat of someone messing with my food. I hope they throw the book at them and it stops this madness.

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