If you've ever spent time in the wilderness of Southeast Oklahoma, it's pretty common to get that creepy feeling that you're not alone.

I have an aunt and uncle that swear they heard a bigfoot come down the mountain near their camp one time... They heard really heavy footsteps and the cracking of tree limbs late one night. They chalked it up to perhaps a bear chasing elk, or something of the like.

When the daylight finally broke the next morning, it was obvious that elk or bear weren't responsible for the carnage. Big tree limbs were broken, inches in diameter. No hoof prints, no paw prints. Just carnage. It was enough to end their weekend trip early.

Is Bigfoot real?

Well that's the million-dollar question. I think of this creature in the same light as Schrodingers cat. He does and does not exist.

Do I think there's the possibility that a huge giant ape-like creature could be stalking the wild lands of the world? Absolutely. Do I need concrete proof? No. Just as there are new species discovered each week in the ocean, I don't think we've explored our entire world above sea level just yet.

There are plenty of people that agree, many of whom will be at the Kiamichi Mountains Bigfoot Conference in Talihina, Oklahoma this May.

If it sounds like something you'd like to check out, here's the event page where you can get tickets.

Oklahoma's Top 24 Terrific Towns & Prettiest Cities

It's the delightful double dozen, the top 24 most terrific Oklahoma towns and prettiest cities in the Sooner State. These incredible places are just as friendly and inviting, as they are beautiful and picturesque. While Oklahoma has more than just a few terrific towns and pretty cities these are the crème de la crème, and more than deserving of making the top 24 list. The list was created by using Google. It ranked each city by beauty, lifestyle, friendliness, scenery, entertainment, and overall positive feedback from those who have experienced their charm firsthand. Scroll through the photo gallery below to see the top 24 towns & cities in Oklahoma.

Top 12 trashiest Oklahoma towns & sleazy cities

It's a top 12 list you don't want to be on. Unfortunately, these 12 towns and cities have been selected as some of the worst and by worst I mean trashiest and sleaziest in the Sooner State. These dirty dozen were selected by Google using factors like crime, violence, drug abuse, unemployment, income rates, and even the overall appearance of the town or city. It factored in things like rundown or abandoned properties and vehicles when ranking how trashy or sleazy a town or city is. Scroll through the photo gallery below.

Oklahoma's Dust Bowl & Depression Era Desserts You Should Try Today

If you're not up on your Oklahoma history, drought struck the region around the same time America's great economic collapse happened. We know it as the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression.

While thousands of Okies left to become Californians, those that stayed did as best they could to lift spirits in a time of overbearing adversary. They say the key to contentment is a full belly, and Oklahoma's pioneer women came up with some really strange recipes to please the palate.

Treat yourself and make one or more of these over the next few months.

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