Well, here we are again, as The Morning Crew line out our very favorites of the new songs, and some that just won't go away!  As I've mentioned before, I really, really like the Luke Combs song "Forever After All", it is still a staple on this list, but I think you will be surprised by the newest Number One!  This rendition of 'Jeri's Top 5' features a group, a girl, a red dirt guy, a traditional country guy and Luke Combs, arguably one of the finest lyricists in the business today.  So are you ready to see the list?


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    Forever After All

    Luke Combs

    It was a huge drop for Luke Combs from the last time my Top 5 list was published, but it has to say something that it is still one of my very favorites on the air right now.  Luke Combs loves love, just like I do.  Course he likes drinking beer too!  He's just an all around cool guy, but he sings songs about real people, and has a way of saying things that just resonate with real people, like you and me!

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    We Didn't Have Much

    Justin Moore

    I was raised on Country Music by the best man I have ever known, my Daddy.  The line in the song that says, 'there was dirt on daddy's clothes from putting the bacon on momma's stove', couldn't be truer of the way my Dad worked hard for his family.  He loved Country music and instilled that love in me too.  It's a love that has grown to include some songs that lean a bit closer to the pop side that my Dad would have liked, but that's also one of the reasons that this song is closer to my heart that some.  Justin Moore makes no bones about being a traditional artists.  Love his for it!  This song reminds me of my Dad!

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    To Be Loved by You

    Parker McCollum

    I had heard of Parker McCollum before, but when he found his first mainstream hit with 'Pretty Heart', I took notice of him as someone that interested me.  His new song, is like an ear worm.  I just can't get it out of my head.  Plus, he's from Texas.  There is a something to be said for Texas acts, they know their stuff.  This new song may be the next top of my list!

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    Next Girl

    Carly Pearce

    II try to include a girl in all of my lists, 1) because I don't think there are enough girls getting the attention they deserve from labels and radio, and 2) because sometimes you just need to hear the other side.  Carly has found some success this year with her Lee Brice duet winning awards, and now this cheating song.  Plus, who can't sing that last line....'Next Girl'?  LOL

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    I Was On A Boat That Day

    Old Dominion

    There is just something about a fun rocking country song!  Summer is the time for them, and Old Dominion delivers!  I was talking to my daughter about this group just yesterday, and we were talking about lead singer Matthew Lindsay and his facial expressions when he sings.  He sells every song he sings.  And this song leave no doubt whatsoever that if he's on a boat, it really doesn't matter at all what else is going on...because he 'was on a boat that day'!  It's my new absolute favorite!

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