It's no secret that I love country music. I love the musicians, the artists, and the lyrics.  But every now and then a song comes along that just grabs me and won't let go.  It gets top recognition from me on air and to anyone that will listen.  Well for the last 12 weeks it's been Russell Dickerson's latest.

Before we get that that one though, lets count down from Number 5.


  • 5

    One Too Many

    Who would have ever thought that Pink would duet on a country song?  Not me!  But, man does she do it up right!  Now, I'd love to hear a female country ballad from her, or maybe a bluesy country song!

  • 4

    More Than My Hometown

    I'll admit that when the song first came out, I was a bit critical of Morgan Wallen's enunciation.  It sounded a little garbled, but I guess that made me listen closer, and I love the sentiment that nothing is more important than home!

  • 3

    Happy Anywhere

    I love Blake and Gwen together.  I think they were robbed at award ceremonies for 'Nobody But You', and I think this cute happy song should win them something.  I love how in love they are and I really believe every lyric of this song applies to them.  I just love love I guess!

  • 2

    Better Together

    Maybe I just love love songs, but this one from Luke Combs speaks right to my heart.  As you know I am a huge Luke Combs fan, and I think he has a great love story too.  My husband James even commented that 'my first and his last name would just sound Better Together'!  Awww!

  • 1

    Love You Like I Used To

    Twelve weeks on my favorite list is a huge deal. I've had favorites last a long time, like Brett Young's 'Here Tonight', and another Brett Young before that, but there is something so personal in this song that I just can't let it go. The idea that NOT loving like I used to is a good thing is the twist that makes this song just work. It's a love that keeps growing everyday. Oh! That we could all have this kind of love!  Way to go Russell Dickerson!

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