We are knocking on the door of the 7th week of training for the Spirit of Survival walk/run that will take place in October.  Distances continue to be longer as we gain stamina in our training for the 5K, Quarter marathon, and Half marathon races.

  • 5K                         1.75 miles
  • Quarter                   4 miles
  • Half                       8 miles

We plan to have the same three water stations on the course:  .75 miles, 1.5 miles and 3 miles.

Each week we continue to post your #ReasonIRun pictures to help inspire others to run, walk, jog to beat Cancer. Take a look at the newest pictures.

Join the Spirit of Survival Training Saturday morning in front of Dick's Sporting Goods, Half Marathon Runners will begin at 630 a.m. and all other participants will start at 7 a.m. Stop by the Townsquare Media Table to share your #ReasonIRun!

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