It seems as if New Orleans has a long way to go to clean up after Hurricane Katrina.

New Orleans, where Sunday mornings on Bourbon Street look like a giant frat house after a kegger, has been crowned with the dubious honor of America's dirtiest city in a new survey.

Out of the 35 cities analyzed, the Crescent City finished at the bottom or near the bottom in several key categories, including cleanliness, family vacations and how athletic and active it is. However, New Orleans did lead the list in even more fields, such as people-watching, New Year's Eve, bar scene, neighborhood cafes and cocktail hours.

Philadelphia may be the City of Brotherly Love, but it seems that brother is a slob because it took second on the list, while Los Angeles, where aspiring actors and actresses leave their dreams shriveled up on the corner to die, took third.

Houston rounded out the top 10.

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